Tech Center: Innovation at Mold Craft

Mold Craft has done a lot to become an innovation leader in the mold making industry. Micro Mold Innovation Mold Craft specializes in making precision micro molds. In recent years, Mold Craft determined there was a gap and a need to have a specialized area to test micro molds. In
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Westfall Technik moves east and improves medical device time to market capability with the acquisition of NPI/Medical

Ansonia, Conn. – NPI/Medical has been acquired by Westfall Technik, Inc., a recently formed global holding company that provides highly productive plastics manufacturing solutions to the medical, packaging and consumer goods industries. NPI/Medical is located in a well-established manufacturing site, offering both clean room and white room molding, primarily for

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Continuous quality improvement measures show Westfall does ‘not accept the average

Maintaining stringent ISO 13485 standards is something we at NPI/Medical are laser focused on. In addition, fostering a culture of quality internally at NPI/Medical is viewed as an all-encompassing approach. Examples of achieving this culture include continuous employee training, optimizing processes, equipment upgrades, and implementing aggressive productivity measures throughout our

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