Tech Center: Innovation at Mold Craft

Mold Craft has done a lot to become an innovation leader in the mold making industry. Micro Mold Innovation Mold Craft specializes in making precision micro molds. In recent years, Mold Craft determined there was a gap and a need to have a specialized area to test micro molds. In
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ERP at Mold Craft

Mold Craft Increases Efficiency With Epicor ERP Designing and building extremely tight tolerance molds with excellence and offering great value and service to customers is certainly something that Mold Craft is known for in this industry. In pursuit of ongoing excellence and increasing value, Mold Craft implemented the Epicor ERP
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Top 5 Reasons to consider silicone molding for your next medical device project

NPI/Medical has almost a decade plus experience in processing medical grade silicones for a variety of applications including healthcare and optical LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Additionally, Tim Erwin our Sr. Technical Advisor is an LSR guru with 30+ years of experience processing silicones. Our proprietary silicone master frame and two state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal  55ton Arburg

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