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Westfall is disrupting the plastics industry with its revolutionary technology and innovation. We have a strategic focus on internal development of proprietary technology and products. On a parallel path, we continue to solidify strategic alliances and partnerships to bring our customers the technology advancements that will drive value for their businesses.


Innovative plastics solutions
benefiting both People and Planet.

Better plastic parts make new ideas come to life.
They improve the things we care about.
You can make them fast, sustainably, and cost effectively.
Better parts don’t waste valuable material or precious resources.
They look better, last longer, and help us live better lives.

Proprietary Technology

MHS Hotrunner Systems

Our complete line of hot runner and injection molding systems is 100% made in North America and designed to increase the overall efficiency, reliability and profitability of your molding operation. We deliver measurable results that improve the quality of your plastic part, increase your production output, a reduce your operating costs.

Featured Systems.
Future of Micro.

  • Rheo-Pro® Hot Runner Systems.

Custom engineered, high performance hot runner systems with project specific optimization for all valve gate and thermal gate injection molding applications.

  • Quick-Start™ Hot Runner System.

Pre-engineered hot runner manifold systems designed for standard applications with a focus on fast delivery times, part quality, ease of use, and cost-effective performance

Proprietary Technology

M3 Series

The revolutionary M3 series redefines injection molding for small, direct gated plastic parts by outperforming competing technologies by a wide margin. This new generation of electro-pneumatic molding cells delivers fully automated, high volume molding to all industries that demand extreme precision, quality and speed. M3 series machines also offer a high degree of flexibility for low volume and prototype molding without the limitations of larger, traditional injection molds found in conventional presses.
From low volume prototyping to fully automated mass production, the revolutionary M3 delivers superior part quality, faster speeds, and more flexibility. The micro molding cells come in 8, 16 and 32 drop models with options available for a wide range of standard and special applications.

Proprietary Technology

Highly functional, practical, closure solutions with minimal changes to existing infrastructure. Multiple benefits right through the supply chain. Opportunities for cost savings achievement of market demands for greater sustainability.

Proprietary Technology

An advanced and proven manufacturing platform technology that’s revolutionizing packaging. Powered by Westfall Technik in the US.


Patent Protected

UK patents GB2548322 & GB2548693
granted Intentional
patent pending


Low Risk

Produced using standard
injection molding



Plastic injection molding technology
that create a-skin-fomm-skin
sandwich structure



First application in to-go hot
drink cups – deployed in major UK
supermarkets and numerous festivals


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