In today’s industry environment, automation isn’t optional, it’s essential!



Ultimately, speed and efficiency gains are always a KPI for us, and every offering seeks maximum productivity.



Our engineers specify High Quality Components for maximum life and also design our solutions for ease of Accessibility and Maintenance.


Customer Results & Benefits

Automate + Optimize = Automize

Our Expertise in mold manufacturing and processing drives our perspective on Automation.

High volume manufacturing is OPTIMIZED thru our In-house automation and robotics channels. Our IN-HOUSE Automation Teams include Innovative Electrical and Mechanical Engineers working side by side with our Process Tech’s and Toolmakers to provide industry-leading solutions. Our production cells are fully automated; from the material selection at the silo, right through to palletizing and banding.

Our injection molding cells and secondary decoration processes feature robotic handling systems and automation to ensure we maintain world-class efficiency performance.


Capabilities & Competencies

High-volume manufacturing is reliant on automation and robotics.

A successful and defining characteristic of our business is our ability to seamlessly integrate automation so that customers receive the maximum benefits available from high-volume manufacturing. Our production cells are fully automated; from the material selection at the silo, right through to palletizing and banding.  Our injection molding cells and secondary decoration processes all feature robotic handling systems to ensure we maintain world-class efficiency performance. “Keep it Simple” is our foundation to ensure we don’t make things more complicated or expensive than necessary. By providing flexible and agile solutions, our clients have the flexibility they need to cost justify automation at lower volumes.

Turnkey Automation Cell Design and Development.
Parallel Path Automation Design and Build/during tool build.
Parallel Path Automation Cell Development/during molding validation.
Client Support and Install cell at customer site and train technicians.
Specialties Including: Insert loading pre and post molding, serialized laser marking, inspection,packaging.

Decrease Cycle Time

Our Automation Solutions allow you to complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and improving output.

Improved Quality & Reliability

Our Automation Solutions provide consistent precision and accuracy, ensuring products are manufactured to the same specifications every time.

Waste Prevention

Manufacturing Consistency Improvement yields significant waste reduction and scrap reduction Yielding improved and sustainable margin control.

Flexibility & Longevity

Our Automation Solutions are extremely versatile and can be used for multiple applications. (repurpose/reconfigure)

Better Floor Space Utilization

Our Automation Commitment and deployment allows us to optimize manufacturing space Utilization and improve the efficiency levels of our facilities.

Sustainable Solutions

By providing customers with high-volume and high-speed output, we reduce the overall consumption of material and energy, to reduce cost and minimize our impact on the environment.


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