Westfall delivers integrated plastics solutions that
benefit both People and Planet.

We believe in the power of Plastics for Good, and design our products to save and improve millions of lives everyday while minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting the Circular Economy.



We deliver plastics solutions that benefit both People and Planet

  • Bioabsorbable implantable tack for hernia mesh fixation
  • Wearable injector systems for assisting in daily diabetes management
  • Bioabsorbable Bone Screws containing TCP
  • Can increase joint reconstruction healing time by 30%
  • Community outreach for Plastics and Recycling


By reducing plastic waste and driving recycled content, we are creating a Circular Economy.

  • Designers are trained to Design for Sustainability
  • Hot runner systems can reduce scrap by up to 95%
  • 25% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic goal by 2030
  • Association of Plastic Recyclers Demand Champions


We will partner with our customers, suppliers, competitors and NGOs to drive the Circular Economy.

  • Association of Plastic Recyclers
  • HPRC
  • Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
  • Sustainable Packaging Coalition
  • Ellen MacArthur Commitment for a New Plastics Economy


We believe in plastics being used for good.
Plastics often have a better environmental footprint than its counterparts.
Design Healthcare materials to have recyclability
Chemical recycling is expanding Post-Consumer Recycled material in Medical and Food applications.



We are reducing our overall carbon footprint through our stack mold capabilities to
reduce energy by 50-60%.

  • Automation
  • Low Cost of Ownership

Sustainability News


Universal Closures Limited

Westfall Technik Inc. along with our partners Universal Closures Limited, Z-Moulds, and Envision Plastics, announced at the 2019 Plastic News Caps and Closures event that we’ve successfully molded beverage closures with 50-100% recycled content levels! Leveraging technology and innovation to drive the circular economy and help our customers achieve higher levels of recycled content usage, even in difficult to mold, food-grade applications.


Plastic Recyclers (APR)

Westfall is now an Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) Recycling Demand Champion! We are excited to join this prestigious group of companies to strengthen and increase demand for recycled materials, prevent ocean plastics, and boost the circular economy. Our integrated design and technology solutions enable higher levels of recycled materials than traditional molding processes, and help our customers meet their aggressive sustainability goals.



Ellen MacArthur Foundation's

Westfall is proud to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment towards a New Plastics Economy. We will design and manufacture our products to eliminate plastic waste, utilize higher levels of recycled content, and drive a Circular Economy.



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