Quality Assurance.
Inside and Out.

Our Stacked Integration Model means less handoffs during the cycle time. That means less mistakes and increased quality control. The result is 100% defect-free parts with quality assurance unmatched in the industry.
– State-of-art metrology labs
– Staffing 16+ hours daily
– Equipment & Tools for leading inspection services
– Quick turnarounds
– High Volume to Medium/Small lots

What Matters Most.

Ongoing Corporate Oversight + Operational Synergy = Customer Lifetime Value By condensing the flow process, it allows customers to scale more financially, increase speed to market, and decrease scrap rate. Ultimately, it creates opportunity for customers to benefit at the bottom line and meet or even exceed performance metrics.
-Faster to Market
-Cost and Energy Savings
-Bottom Line Increases
-Increased Lifecycle Value
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