Wittmann Battenfeld and Mold Craft, through a common set of customers, have formed a strong relationship in recent years based on similar core values and commitment to providing a high-quality product. You could say they are “tight,” because of their mutual commitment to perfection. Mold Craft’s expertise is in precision micro mold building with tight tolerances. In fact, Mold Craft’s mantra is, “Our Molds Aren’t Quite Perfect. They’re +/- .0001”.”  Mold Craft builds micro molds specifically engineered to utilize the purpose-built machines manufactured by Wittmann Battenfeld. Both companies strive to meet the rapidly growing demand for small, tight-tolerance, extremely high-quality medical components.  This partnership helps their customers combine high-quality micro molds with precision injection molding machines to produce finished parts with some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Mold Craft and Wittmann Battenfeld partnered up to present micro-molding at the most recent Amerimold conference, showcasing Mold Craft molds in Wittmann Battenfeld’s press. During the show, Wittmann Battenfeld ran their MicroPower 15t IMM using one of Mold Craft’s micro molds. Shortly after the conference, the MicroPower 15t was delivered to Mold Craft and placed in their newly renovated Tech Center.

Mold Craft will be utilizing their new machine to provide micro mold sampling. In addition to a mechanical sample, the press will develop a production molding process during micro mold sampling. This will help Mold Craft provide much more information to clients, which will cut down on validation time and expense.

Mold Craft initiates the micro mold project process with their Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, where they design the mold so that it can be successfully manufactured. With the Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t now in-house, Mold Craft has the ability to sample a customer’s micro mold on site, which will continue to improve customer project timelines, ensure mold functionality and reduce the need for coordinating with outside vendors. This is just another step in the evolution of Mold Craft’s dedication to providing their customers with the highest quality product possible.

This relationship is also beneficial for Wittmann Battenfeld. Wittmann Battenfeld is able to showcase its remarkable, state-of-the-art precision presses that maintain optimized energy and cost efficiency even in tight tolerances. When combined with Mold Craft’s tight tolerance micro molds, these IMMs can really maximize their versatility and demonstrate their ability to outpace and outperform other molding machine manufacturers.

Stay tuned as Wittmann Battenfeld and Mold Craft’s relationship grows. Make sure to look for them both at the upcoming NPE2018 Conference in Orlando, Florida from May 7th – 11th, 2018.  Both companies are exhibiting in the West Hall; Wittmann Battenfeld will be at booth W3742, and Mold Craft, Inc. will be at booth W4207, where they will once again be showcasing a Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower press featuring a rotary platen, EOAT and robot with camera and Mold Craft micro mold producing precision 100µ filter screen 2 cavity 3 plate micro mold with one “A” side and 2 “B” sides featuring .004” x .004” shut offs and .002” radii making POK parts weighing .007 grams.