Westfall Technik donating masks, straps during the COVID-19 crisis
Las Vegas-based Westfall is making reusable masks and mask straps.

Westfall Technik Inc. (Westfall) is producing medical masks and mask straps and donating them to the health care industry during the COVID-19 crisis.
Las Vegas-based Westfall is making reusable masks at its Wakefield, Michigan site.
“Westfall’s operational model delivers an integrated solution with in-house design, prototyping, tooling, molding, assembly and logistics,” states Allison Lin, Procurement and Sustainability Vice President. The mask project went from idea to molded parts in roughly two weeks. Westfall now can mold more than 4000 masks per day.
Westfall also is making reusable mask straps. The straps help health care professionals or others wearing masks for extended periods of time to avoid ear pain from the pressure that elastic straps put on their ears.

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