NPI/Medical is proud to be featured in the June 2017 issue of the Medical Product Outsourcing magazine. Randy Ahlm, CEO of NPI/Medical offers his expert commentary on the value of using a single supplier to benefit OEMs. According to Randy, “It is surprising how many OEMs overlook the importance of using the same supplier during the new product development lifecycle,” said Randy Ahlm, CEO of NPI/Medical, a provider of complex, injection molded components and assemblies for medical device, life sciences, and healthcare customers. “The few suppliers that can do prototype to production in-house truly accelerate the new production introduction process and lower their overall costs due to a more seamless transition with fewer iterations. At the same time, they are also consolidating their customer’s supply base.”

A good molding vendor will also pay close attention to all regulatory requirements concerning process validation and quality assurance. Value-added services make the journey to a cost-efficient component much more feasible for a medical device OEM.

“We have had several customers come to us after missing launch milestones because their prototype supplier wasn’t able to meet their validation requirements and/or their parts needed significant redesign for production molding,” Ahlm explained.