Mold Craft Increases Efficiency With Epicor ERP

Designing and building extremely tight tolerance molds with excellence and offering great value and service to customers is certainly something that Mold Craft is known for in this industry. In pursuit of ongoing excellence and increasing value, Mold Craft implemented the Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in 2008.   Behind the scenes, ERP helps Mold Craft to improve process efficiency, gain visibility and clarity into the organization, and enhance the customer experience.

ERP System Implementation at Mold Craft

There are many efficiency enhancements made possible through the use of the ERP system. For example, it allows Mold Craft to have one central place to store information. It reduces redundant data entry and streamlines the communication process across the enterprise. From the shop floor to owners’ office, everyone at Mold Craft uses the ERP system.

Some people use it to simply track their time, while others use it to manage orders, quote projects and produce financial reporting. Most company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are tracked and measured in the ERP system, which shows how essential it is to the business.

Mold Craft chose Epicor as their ERP software provider, according ERP Manager Wayne Welsch, because it is priced for small to mid-sized businesses, is scalable, and it supports our manufacturing business processes.

He adds, “We have also found Epicor to be relatively flexible and to offer some good automation tools that help Mold Craft be more productive.” ERP gives Mold Craft a tool to manage production from start to finish. From order processing and material management, to production scheduling, shipping and finance, the ERP system allows Mold Craft to gain visibility and efficiency. Having Wayne as a dedicated ERP resource allows him to develop an intimate knowledge of Epicor so that he can understand a production issue and provide an ERP solution, which is invaluable to Mold Craft.

ERP System Means A Better Mold Craft Customer Experience

The ERP system not only increases efficiency within the organization, but it also improves the customer experience.

Every week, Mold Craft sends its customers a weekly project status detailing exactly how much progress has been made on their mold. That weekly project status is pulled directly from the ERP system. On top of that, any time a customer contacts Mold Craft for shipping status or history, it can be provided with information from the ERP system.

ERP is an essential factor to Mold Craft’s productivity streamlining communications throughout the organization, reducing redundant work, and providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind Mold Craft Experience.