This time of year, it is good to take a step back and reflect on all the accomplishments of the past twelve months. Because life can get incredibly busy we don’t get to take enough time celebrating all of the great things that are happening around us.

That is especially true this year at Mold Craft as we have had one of our busiest years yet. Our team managed to ship out 267 projects! To help accomplish that, we added an experienced designer, an experienced milling specialist and an entry level Wire EDM specialist with plans to add even more in the coming year. At the beginning of 2017 we set a goal to build 5 micro molds for the year. With the help of several multi-mold programs and the great work of our sales team we landed 12. Perhaps our biggest move of 2017 was the addition of our new Battenfeld Micro Power 15t injection molding press, which is housed at our newly finished Tech Center. The addition of this machine will allow us to continue to develop our molds and provide the industry with micro mold sampling capabilities as we look forward to more enhancements in the coming year.

At Mold Craft, our co-workers are our family and we are very proud to say that many of us had moments to be thankful for in 2017. We ask a lot of our team and we get back even more than we ask so we love to hear all the positives that our team members have accomplished outside the shop. Some members of the Mold Craft family moved into new homes, some completed major home renovations, and our Mold Craft family even got a little bigger as we welcomed in new babies and grandchildren. For these reasons and so many more, 2017 was a good one for Mold Craft.

Mold Craft also considers itself an integral part of our community. We strive to leave a positive impact to our local, national and business community. That is why we enthusiastically participated in the Gen Z Program, which provided 4 local high school students with week-long hands-on training this past summer. And for the third year we hosted 3 local schools as part of MFG Day to advocate for careers in manufacturing. Of course, it is not just about outreach, sometimes it is just about giving back. We continued to support wounded service members through the program and for the first time this holiday season, Mold Craft collected gifts for Toys for Tots. The support from our team members and our community was top notch as we donated a total of 106 toys this year.

As we continue to reflect and think back on the successes of the year, a major theme sticks out – solidarity. Without everyone working together we could not have achieved so much, or been able to look back so fondly on what was a challenging and fulfilling year. Soon we will look ahead to 2018 and make plans to outdo ourselves. But, before we do that we will all gather to celebrate our successes and each other at our annual Christmas party. It is certain to be a great time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Mold Craft!