‘Plastics Technology’ profiled NPI/Medical in its January issue, providing an inside look into the company’s processes and services.

NPI/Medical prides itself on its appetite for short runs. “If you need hundreds of parts, we’ll do it,” says [NPI/Medical President David] Kelly. “We have medical orders for as few as 400 parts a year. We have a huge job coming up to mold 15 different parts and assemble them for just 250 finished assemblies a year!”

Kelly continues, “We support startups. A lot of big companies won’t do that. Our bigger competitors don’t want to deal with low volumes. We even offer medical validation on low-volume development work—say, 1500 parts a year. A lot of companies won’t even consider that.”

Low- to mid-volume molding is integral to the firm’s QTM business, which it defines as “1 to 500,000 parts.” The essence of this business segment is helping clients get new product ideas off the ground fast.

“When a medical or other OEM has an idea, we want them to come to us. We can help them get there. When they are in design and development chaos, that’s where we step in. They can count on us.”

The digital version can be read here.

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