Our goal is to get you Production Quality Parts in a prototype micro mold and quickly provide you proof of concept. You may be developing a new part intended to run a micro mold, or you may be considering a conversion from conventional molding to micro molding.

At Mold Craft we care about everything, most importantly, our customers. To that end, we offer many time saving conveniences for those who choose to do business with us. With timelines being what they are today, we now offer a new service called Production Quality Prototypes (PQP). This process helps minimize the time to take a custom molded part project from design to sample molded parts.

Mold Craft has developed a specific program where we own the mold base and molding tool steel which will reduce your upfront costs. We custom design the molding steel around your specific part exactly to your specifications with the ability to mold any plastic resin. The custom components that will need to be built consist of cavity inserts, ejector pins and an ejector retainer plate. As a result, you will receive molded parts that will meet your print and model. There are no limitations on corner radii or tolerances. It is built like a production mold.

“The samples produced give our customers as much information as possible which cuts down on validation time, expenses, and reduces time spent on internal troubleshooting.” Mold Craft President and Owner, Tim Bartz had this to say about PQP at Mold Craft; “This process helps minimize the steps required to build a mold and provides a one stop shop that will allow a custom mold project to go from design to production-ready.” All of that time saved with the prototyping process equates to our customers getting their production mold that much faster.

Production Quality Prototypes must be scalable to production parts. By using tool steel in lieu of aluminum or other preproduction methods for prototyping, PQP by Mold Craft is scalable to production in the form of tight tolerance ± .001 machining using the same steel the and manufacturing methods as production molds.

Over the last 5 decades, customers have come to rely on Mold Craft for our tight tolerances and manufacturing precision. The knowledge and experience that we have gained designing and building precision injection molds, most recently for micro injection molding, makes us uniquely qualified to provide precision micro molded prototype parts. Regarding production quality prototypes, Mold Craft’s experience lies in commonly used micro part types (gears, filtration screens, bone screws, other implantables, bioresorbable, etc.) with achieved part weights as low as 5 milligrams (.005g) and a shot sizes from 1g to 3.5g.

Here at Mold Craft, we have the opportunity to give our customers one of the best products on the market. By utilizing the PQP process, we can help discern the best course of action by truly turning design into a production quality sample part in less time. We work with our customers to determine critical to function features, ensure scalability and develop a molding process. The bottom line is, PQP gets you where you are going faster.