The employees at Mold Craft thrive in the perfection driven culture that is required for making precision molds. They work hard to make their customers happy by delivering the highest quality products on the market and they want to make sure that those high-quality products make it to the customer in perfect condition. For that reason, Mold Craft spends additional time and resources on packaging, shipping, and handling.

At Mold Craft, each mold is treated with the utmost caution and care as if it were a piece of fine jewelry. They want to make sure that each customer’s mold is taken care of throughout the entire design, build, and ship process. Mold Craft uses the same CAD program (SolidWorks) to design their packaging as they do to design their molds. That means that each mold gets its very own custom crate and packaging. Mold Craft’s crates are unique because of their “easy-off” wing nut system. Instead of unscrewing 20-30 sheetrock screws to get to your mold, simply unscrew 2 wing nuts and the crate top lifts right off revealing easy access to all the eyebolt holes, not buried with sidewalls surrounding the mold. This lends itself to a truly unique unboxing experience. When it comes time to ship a mold, the mold gets strapped down in the crate and the crate gets screwed down to a custom pallet to ensure that each mold is transported securely to its destination. Mold Craft Vice President, Justin McPhee, said, “Not only do we take care of our customer’s stuff when it ships to them, but also throughout the entire manufacturing and subcontract processes.”

It is important to note that Mold Craft does not just make custom packaging for when it is sent out to the end user, but rather, Mold Craft makes custom packaging for the mold components for all necessary shipments, including those to another vendor for texture, laser engraving, coatings, sampling or any other service. Mold Craft cares about its customers products as much as its customers do. When making spare parts for molds, Mold Craft makes custom foam inserts that fit into custom wooden cases. The foam is cut with precision, the parts inserted like a 5S tool drawer, a desiccant pack added to absorb moisture and the latches taped shut to ensure that they reach their destination without moving during travel. Customers can also request that their spare parts be shipped in Pelican cases which are made of hard plastic and are sealed air tight so that water can’t get in the box.

When it comes to shipping within the Twin Cities, Mold Craft uses a courier as opposed to a traditional trucking company. They do this to ensure the package is cared for throughout the entire process and minimize the time on a truck. When shipping across the country, Mold Craft generally ships via 2-Day Air Service as opposed to ground to reduce damage from bumps while in the back of a delivery truck for 1,000 miles or more. Molds at Mold Craft truly do get a first-class experience.

Mold Craft puts a lot of effort into making high quality products and they want to make sure that same pride they put into making the mold goes into making sure it gets to its destination in pristine condition. Mold Craft can accommodate any special shipping requirements as needed for local, cross-country or international shipments. When buying from Mold Craft, you can be sure that your mold is being taken care of and protected like a piece of fine jewelry.