Medical Tech Paper – LSR Supplier: NPI/Medical

NPI/Medical is proud to be a nationally recognized leader in the craft liquid silicone rubber; both in prototype and production! We have a 10-year history of tooling and processing LSR’s starting with replacing optical plastic LED lenses. NPI/Medical’s broad experience in medical, healthcare, consumer and industrial applications offer solutions for quick turnaround, cost effective, low volume prototype molds and parts; in addition to established sources for high quality, flash free high-volume molds and automation.

Our facility provides:

  • 2 in-house 55-ton LSR production molding machines, both capable of horizontal/vertical molding and equipped with full robot automation
  • 1 55-ton press dedicated to LSR prototype and short run production
  • 2 5 & 55 gallon microprocessor controlled drum feed pumps
  • 2 5 gallon manually regulated feed pump
  • 2 microprocessor controlled cartridge pump

The feed pumps are pumps are 1:1 and 2:1 ratio capable; employ a manual system of any ratio and all have third stream color additives of up to 30%. All are prototype injection molding capable with heated LSR master frames and a custom manual mix/feeding system for all LSR’s. Additionally, our LSR Molding is Grade 8 cleanroom compatible.