Over one million coffee cups end up in UK landfill every minute. Paper cups need a wax or plastic lining to hold liquids, yet this combination of materials prevents cups being recycled alongside other paper products.

Amaray, in conjunction with Bockatech have created The CORRETTO a sustainable alternative which satisfies consumer and environmental demands. CORRETTO cups create less CO2 during their lifecycle than any alternative and 96% less than normal paper cups. Made from polypropylene, the cup is durable, making it perfect for multiple use and deposit return schemes. It is easily recycled in plastic recycling bins or council collection schemes and therefore supports a circular plastics economy. Due to its ease of reusability, it will undoubtedly reduce the overall cost in the current supply chain and won’t “cost the earth”, unlike single-use paper cups.

In addition to being the most cost-effective way to eliminate single-use paper cups going to landfill, the CORRETTO features EcoCore foamcore walls which retain heat internally and prevent scalding externally. This removes the need for additional heat preventing cardboard barrier sleeves.

The CORRETTO is a high-quality reusable product that surpasses the sustainability performance of its competitors, whilst matching the cost. It can eliminate the loss of valuable resources, reduce emissions, remove landfill, whilst creating real £’s value in the waste stream.

The prestigious award for Plastics Design and Innovation was presented by Philip Law, Director General of the BPF (left), to Amaray CEO Jamie Tinsley at the Annual BPF Gala last night.