NPI/Medical welcomes QTM Project Manager Darryl Pereira

NPI/Medical is proud to bring on a new member of our team, Darryl Pereira. He will be responsible for Quick-Turn Manufacturing (QTM) Project Management.

Pereira is a medical device field professional with 25-plus years of plastics manufacturing, project management and supply chain experience. He has a proven track record of successful and timely project completion with focus on both customer relationship and inter-company team development.

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NPI/Medical to attend 2016 MDM East in New York City

NPI/Medical will be in attendance at the 2016 MDM East show, taking place June 14-16 in New York City.

We are proud to be featured in three service categories for the show, which will be at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center:

// DynaClass® Tooling and Molding
// Clean room molding, testing, assembly and packaging
// True liquid silicone rubber (LSR) prototyping

Be sure to stop by Booth #964.

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‘Medical Design Briefs’ highlights NPI/Medical’s kitting capabilities

NPI/Medical is pleased to have its recent kitting expansion capabilities mentioned in Medical Design Briefs‘ mid-month industry newsletter:

As a leader in providing services to the medical device industry, the company announced an expansion of its kitting and assembly operations via a dedicated climate controlled kitting room in a white room environment.

NPI/Medical can accommodate 500+ kits per day, depending upon customer needs.

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‘Medical Design & Outsourcing’: Westfall expands kitting and assembly operations

Westfall is pleased to announce an expansion of its assembly and kitting operations at our facility in Ansonia, Conn.

Medical Design & Outsourcing has the details in its February issue:

“We have been providing assembly and kitting services to our customers for several years and see this as a natural way to help our customers redefine their supply chains,” said Randy Ahlm, CEO of NPI Medical. The expansion includes a dedicated climate controlled kitting room in a secured white room environment. The investment in a white room environment allows NPI Medical to quickly upgrade to a Grade 7 Class 10,000 within a week based on customers’ needs. The U-shape assembly design allows the operators to move freely from right to left providing optimized ergonomic flow and ease of assembly while Kanban bins allocate the daily requirements for the build and are bar coded for inventory accuracy. The system was developed for quick changeover to allow the flexibility for NPI Medical to handle low volumes of less than 500 kits per day, yet rapidly scale to accommodate its larger volume customers.

“Most of our customers are consolidating their suppliers and looking for ways to lower supply chain costs,” said Ahlm. “We now can offer an integrated kitting solution that includes assembly, procurement, decorating, packaging and inventory management that not only drives down supply chain costs but lowers our customers’ working capital needs.”

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Westfall Has Acquired Microtech Southwest

Micro-Molding, Expanded Cleanroom, New Technologies and Continued High-Tech Processing are in the Future for MicroTech Southwest. Site to become a Westfall Technik “Center of Excellence.”

Tempe, Arizona – March 20th, 2019 – MicroTech Southwest Inc. (“MTSW”, or “MicroTech”) is the latest in a string of acquisitions made by Westfall Technik Inc. MTSW focuses exclusively on the medical and consumer products spaces, serving only blue-chip OEMs in those industries. Steve Kraxberger, CEO and founder of MTSW, started the company on the simple premise of providing innovative solutions and excellent service at a fair price. According to Steve, “When the time came to sell, I wanted to find a buyer who would continue MTSW’s strong tradition of customer service. I am sure that Westfall Technik is the right group to do this.”

MTSW grew dramatically with the addition of industry veteran Brett Black in 2014. The company increased their high-volume technical parts production through innovative manufacturing concepts. “We found new ways to increase output and ensure quality at a fair price which allowed us to become a leader in high-tech parts”, said Brett.

The MicroTech management team will be staying on but Steve Kraxberger will be retiring after a transition period. “It is important that our associates know that their future is secure and that the modernization plans will offer them new opportunities to grow”, according to both Westfall and MicroTech management.

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Westfall Acquire Another Precision Molder

California-based injection molder PIMCO further expands Westfall’s manufacturing footprint


Corona, CA – Westfall Technik Inc. (“Westfall”) is proud to announce the acquisition of Precision Injection Molding Company (“PIMCO”) and to welcome two of its leaders, Steve Crawford and Scott Rose, to the Westfall team.

PIMCO has developed a reputation for being a reliable strategic partner to its customers, offering a high-touch approach to solving problems combined with direct, senior-level attention and focus. This support-oriented model has been extremely successful, as evidenced by PIMCO’s strong growth trends and long-standing customer relationships of over 15 years. Westfall is excited to partner with PIMCO, its managers, and their customers to continue that upward trajectory.

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Westfall Technik Acquires Mold Craft

Westfall Technik expands micro molding expertise with the acquisition of world-class tool maker Mold Craft


Willernie, MN – Westfall Technik, Inc. (“Westfall”) has acquired Mold Craft, Inc. (“Mold Craft”), a manufacturer of high-precision injection molds for micro-sized plastic parts and high cavitation applications. The acquisition adds another world-class mold maker to the Westfall portfolio and rounds out the Company’s industry-leading micro molding capabilities for medical device production.

Mold Craft is one of the world’s premier micro mold manufacturers, successfully molding engineered plastic parts as small as 5 milligrams (.005 g) and micro detail features as small as .004″. Micro molds often require plastic tolerances to ±.001″ resulting in steel tolerances of ±.0001″, which is the culture of quality and precision that Mold Craft employees embrace.

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‘Plastics Technology:’ NPI/Medical is a ‘quick-turn artist’

‘Plastics Technology’ profiled NPI/Medical in its January issue, providing an inside look into the company’s processes and services.

NPI/Medical prides itself on its appetite for short runs. “If you need hundreds of parts, we’ll do it,” says [NPI/Medical President David] Kelly. “We have medical orders for as few as 400 parts a year. We have a huge job coming up to mold 15 different parts and assemble them for just 250 finished assemblies a year!”

Kelly continues, “We support startups. A lot of big companies won’t do that. Our bigger competitors don’t want to deal with low volumes. We even offer medical validation on low-volume development work—say, 1500 parts a year. A lot of companies won’t even consider that.”

Low- to mid-volume molding is integral to the firm’s QTM business, which it defines as “1 to 500,000 parts.” The essence of this business segment is helping clients get new product ideas off the ground fast.

“When a medical or other OEM has an idea, we want them to come to us. We can help them get there. When they are in design and development chaos, that’s where we step in. They can count on us.”

The digital version can be read here.

Check out NPI/Medical’s recent On Site visit for Plastics Technology Magazine!

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David Kelly talks OEMs and offshoring with ‘Plastics Technology’

NPI/Medical President David Kelly recently provided his expert thoughts on offshoring to Plastics Technology and executive editor Matthew Naitove. South America could be the next big offshoring destination, Kelly said:

Medical OEMs aren’t comfortable going farther afield than Mexico,” says Kelly. “Though I have heard rumblings from two customers lately about going to Brazil or Argentina. South America could be the next big ‘offshoring’ destination.”

Kelly states the medical-device business is less likely than other molding jobs to go offshore, because of OEMs’ concerns about protecting intellectual property (IP) and the difficulties of inspecting, certifying and validating medical quality standard overseas.

For more on NPI/Medical, look for the “On-Site” feature in Plastics Technology’s January 2016 issue.

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