BIOMED 2015 Product Spotlight: DynaClass® Tooling & Molding

NPI/Medical is featured in UBM Canon’s  BIOMED 2015 Product Spotlight section. NPI/Medical’s unique DynaClass® System of Tooling & Molding provides production quality parts from 1 to 500,000 in a compressed time frame.

DynaClass 1: True Prototype Tool

  •  2-3 weeks delivery
  • Cycles under 5,000 shots
  • Most cost effective
  • Open and shut tools with EDM work available
  • Limited actions: typically hand load inserts
  • Max Standard Size up to 4X6
  • Standard Tolerances +/-.005
  • Occasional molding concessions to meet cost & delivery OR option for next level of tooling
  • Tools are non-transferable

DynaClass 2: Hybrid Tool

  • 2-5 week delivery (geometry dependent)
  • Cycles under 50,000 shots
  • MUD and independent units
  • Standard tolerances +/-.005 unless otherwise pre-determined
  • Custom quality plans upon request
  • P-20 or #2 steel mold base
  • Hardened steel inserts as needed
  • Optimum cooling for consistent cycle time
  • Detailed mold design and 3D design available

DynaClass 3: Standard Low Volume Production Tool (SPI Class 104 Equivalent)

  • 4-6 week delivery
  • Cycles under 100,000 shots
  • Specifically built to meet requirements for low volume molding
  • MUD and independent units
  • Standard production molding tolerances
  • P-20 or #2 steel mold base
  • Hardened cores, cavities and inserts as needed
  • Optimum cooling for consistent cycle time
  • Detailed mold design and review-3D design available

DynaClass 4: Bridge Tooling (SPI Class 103 Equivalent)

  • 4-8 weeks delivery
  • Cycles under 500,000 shots
  • Standard production molding tolerances
  • transfer program for fully validated tooling
  • MUD or stand alone units
  • #2 Steel mold base, hardened cores and cavities
  • detailed mold design and review


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NPI/Medical in the MPMN 2015-2016 Buyers Guide

NPI/Medical is proud to be featured in Medical Product Manufacturing News Buyers Guide in collaboration with Qmed. Qmed is the world’s only directory of pre-qualified suppliers to the medical device and in vitro diagnostics industry.

NPI/Medical’s online supplier profile highlights our service categories and features our P2P (Prototype to Production) brochure. NPI/Medical is  featured in 4 categories within the MPMN Buyers Guide:

  • Contract Manufacturing Services- kit assembly, prototyping, full service contract manufacturing
  • Clean rooms- featuring softwall, mobile, and traditional- Class 10,000 and Class 100,000
  • Testing, Meteorology and Inspection
  • Process Validation Studies


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Qmed: NPI/Medical a nationally recognized leader in liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

Medical Tech Paper – LSR Supplier: NPI/Medical

NPI/Medical is proud to be a nationally recognized leader in the craft liquid silicone rubber; both in prototype and production! We have a 10-year history of tooling and processing LSR’s starting with replacing optical plastic LED lenses. NPI/Medical’s broad experience in medical, healthcare, consumer and industrial applications offer solutions for quick turnaround, cost effective, low volume prototype molds and parts; in addition to established sources for high quality, flash free high-volume molds and automation.

Our facility provides:

  • 2 in-house 55-ton LSR production molding machines, both capable of horizontal/vertical molding and equipped with full robot automation
  • 1 55-ton press dedicated to LSR prototype and short run production
  • 2 5 & 55 gallon microprocessor controlled drum feed pumps
  • 2 5 gallon manually regulated feed pump
  • 2 microprocessor controlled cartridge pump

The feed pumps are pumps are 1:1 and 2:1 ratio capable; employ a manual system of any ratio and all have third stream color additives of up to 30%. All are prototype injection molding capable with heated LSR master frames and a custom manual mix/feeding system for all LSR’s. Additionally, our LSR Molding is Grade 8 cleanroom compatible.


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NPI/Medical Made in America – D2P’s Febuary 2015 Medical Issue

NPI/Medical is proud to be featured in the February 2015 issue of Design-2-Part Magazine. The article titled “Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better” as part of the ongoing Made in America series highlights how NPI was able to successfully complete a customers failed project initially off shored to a Far East supplier. NPI knows “communication, quality, and protecting intellectual property is what its medical device customers want most – and they can’t get that overseas”. NPI’s competitive tooling and molding advantages enabled the project to launch on time to market producing high quality precision parts.


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NPI/Medical as seen on Qmed Supplier News Medical Production Brochure

Medical Production Brochure

When time matters, count on NPI/Medical to handle your complete prototype to production molding, assembly and tooling needs. NPI/Medical has the engineering, technical and quality expertise to support each critical phase of our customers programs. We adhere to a structured product launch process, perform formal design review, and provide validation procedures. NPI/Medical’s Project Engineers are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quickly turning your engineering concepts into the highest quality molded components and assemblies.

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