NPE 2018: Looking Back

NPE 2018; The Plastics Show that is produced by the Plastics Industry Association. This is a major convention focused on the plastics industry that is held every three years. NPE 2018 was held in Orlando, FL and consisted of over 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space. Mold Craft. put Micro Molds at “center stage” showing two variations of 100 micron Filter Screens. The Mold Craft booth was running a 2 Cavity Micro Mold using POK resin in a Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t press and the Sodick Plustech booth was running an 8 Cavity Micro Mold running PPSU (Solvay Polyphenylsulfone) in their 20t Micro Vertical LP20VRE Molding Machine. Both molds had .004” x .004” shutoffs (100 micron) and .013” & .008” wall sections with a part weight of less than .007 grams in POK and .0095 grams in PPSU. Mold Craft managed both R&D projects from the part design to mold cavity design and finally processing.

Mold Craft. also introduced the Production Quality Prototype (PQP) product offering where our goal is to get you engineering quality sample parts in a prototype micro mold and quickly provide you proof of concept should you be developing a new part intended to run in a micro mold. This is parts to print using any engineering resin.

Mold Craft sent 10 staff members to NPE 2018 to either work with customers in the exhibit space or to walk the show for further learning about the future of the plastics industry. Upon returning from the show, several staff members were asked about their experience. When asked what his favorite part of the show was, Mold Craft processing tech & mold designer Derrick Jahr responded, “The amount of interest at our booth. A lot of people came by to engage with us and had genuine interest in what we were displaying.” Derrick was among the individuals stationed at the booth for the duration of the show, answering questions and providing solutions for guests. Designers Patrick Manship and MJ Kavanagh had a different experience as they walked the floor for the whole show and were exposed to a ton of innovative technology that is sure to impact the industry in the near future. Both Patrick and MJ enjoyed learning more about the mold making industry and seeing a number of innovative molding machines.

There were similar responses when each individual was asked about their biggest take-away. Everyone had some level of exposure to new technology whether it was seeing a new style of mold, new press technology or other innovative concepts. NPE is a platform for the whole plastics industry to get together and share ideas and experiences. It was clear from everyone’s response that they were not disappointed with what they had seen.

When asked what other value will be taken out of NPE, Derrick responded that he got a lot of non-engineering experience. For the greater part of the week, Derrick was able to spend time at the booth and speak with individuals about Mold Craft. MJ said that it was eye-opening to see how big the plastics industry really is. It is interesting to see other styles of molds and different types of molding companies. Patrick mentioned that some of the best value he got out of NPE was being able to see the presses that he designs molds around. Patrick said, “We had an opportunity to see how they operate and now we have a better idea of their working parameters and how to better integrate with automation during the design process.”

NPE 2018 was an invaluable experience for Mold Craft both as a vendor and as observers. The individuals that went certainly took a lot of value out of the event and will be better mold makers for it. Mold Craft is already looking forward to NPE 2021: May 17-21 in Orlando, FL.

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Westfall has added another premier plastics processing business to its design


Westfall Technik has added another premier plastics processing business to its design, prototyping, toolmaking and molding capabilities in the Southwest.

Riverside, California – April 13th, 2018
– AMA Plastics Inc., has been acquired by Westfall Technik, Inc., a recently formed global holding company that provides highly productive plastics manufacturing solutions to the medical, packaging and consumer goods industries.

westfall-technik-ama-companyAMA Plastics is located in a world class manufacturing site offering both ISO 8 clean room and white room molding for a variety of applications. The over 165,000 Ft2 facility currently holds 95 injection molding machines from 35 to 720 tons of clamp force. The ISO Class 8 clean room currently holds 16 injection molding machines and will be expanded to include clean room assembly. AMA Plastics has an excellent track record and provides complementary capabilities and increased scale to the Westfall Technik group of companies. AMA Plastics also offers multi component and vertical molding as well as innovative automation systems. Over 1.2 megawatts of the total power requirements of the facility are supplied by the 3,500 solar panels installed in 2015. AMA Plastics was founded in 1971 in Anaheim, California and has several changes of address with the most recent to the current state of the art facility in Riverside, CA in 2011.

The AMA facility gives Westfall Technik the size and scale required to execute larger medical and packaging applications already in the Westfall Pipeline and allows for future expansion in the Southwest Region. Upgrades are already in process for injection molding and quality assurance equipment.

About Westfall Technik

Westfall Technik is a new global holding company which provides highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions to medical, consumer packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik’s competitive advantages include modern automated systems, correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts. The results for brand owners include high quality, excellent value, fast response for shorter time-to-market, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, supply chain security compliance, and reliability from a team you can trust.

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ERP at Mold Craft

Mold Craft Increases Efficiency With Epicor ERP

Designing and building extremely tight tolerance molds with excellence and offering great value and service to customers is certainly something that Mold Craft is known for in this industry. In pursuit of ongoing excellence and increasing value, Mold Craft implemented the Epicor ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system in 2008.   Behind the scenes, ERP helps Mold Craft to improve process efficiency, gain visibility and clarity into the organization, and enhance the customer experience.

ERP System Implementation at Mold Craft

There are many efficiency enhancements made possible through the use of the ERP system. For example, it allows Mold Craft to have one central place to store information. It reduces redundant data entry and streamlines the communication process across the enterprise. From the shop floor to owners’ office, everyone at Mold Craft uses the ERP system.

Some people use it to simply track their time, while others use it to manage orders, quote projects and produce financial reporting. Most company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are tracked and measured in the ERP system, which shows how essential it is to the business.

Mold Craft chose Epicor as their ERP software provider, according ERP Manager Wayne Welsch, because it is priced for small to mid-sized businesses, is scalable, and it supports our manufacturing business processes.

He adds, “We have also found Epicor to be relatively flexible and to offer some good automation tools that help Mold Craft be more productive.” ERP gives Mold Craft a tool to manage production from start to finish. From order processing and material management, to production scheduling, shipping and finance, the ERP system allows Mold Craft to gain visibility and efficiency. Having Wayne as a dedicated ERP resource allows him to develop an intimate knowledge of Epicor so that he can understand a production issue and provide an ERP solution, which is invaluable to Mold Craft.

ERP System Means A Better Mold Craft Customer Experience

The ERP system not only increases efficiency within the organization, but it also improves the customer experience.

Every week, Mold Craft sends its customers a weekly project status detailing exactly how much progress has been made on their mold. That weekly project status is pulled directly from the ERP system. On top of that, any time a customer contacts Mold Craft for shipping status or history, it can be provided with information from the ERP system.

ERP is an essential factor to Mold Craft’s productivity streamlining communications throughout the organization, reducing redundant work, and providing our customers with a one-of-a-kind Mold Craft Experience.

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Westfall adds rapid prototyping and short-run molding businesses 10 Day Parts, Inc.

Westfall Technik combines two premier plastics prototyping businesses with its toolmaking and molding businesses in the Southwest U.S.

Corona, California and Hayward, California – February 9th, 2018 – 10 Day Parts Inc., formerly known as Advanced Technology, Inc., and Elfy’s, Inc. have been acquired by Westfall Technik, Inc., a recently formed global holding company that provides highly productive plastics manufacturing solutions to medical, packaging and consumer goods industries.

10 Day Parts, Inc. offers extremely fast and cost-effective rapid tooling and injection molded parts.  In most cases, 10 Day Parts can build tooling and provide molded parts within 10 business days.  This cost-effective tooling is capable of over one million shots.  Molded parts are produced from the exact materials, with the exact surface finishes and colors, and offer design-for-manufacturing (DFM) leverageable to full scale production.

Elfy’s Inc. provides innovative front-end solutions for medical devices and components as well as other markets. The team is particularly trusted with demanding medical applications and brand owners know to trust Elfy’s where others have tried and failed.

These acquisitions support the Westfall Technik vision to build a market-leading integrated network of plastics experts that provide optimum engineered solutions throughout the plastics manufacturing process. Westfall Technik can now offer comprehensive DFM services quickly and comprehensively. Both companies provide rapid prototyping and short-run molding to the medical, industrial and consumer goods industries, bringing more than 300 new customer relationships, early product development support, reputations for excellence, and experienced engineering talent to Westfall Technik.

About Westfall Technik
Westfall Technik is a new global holding company which provides highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions to medical, consumer packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik’s competitive advantages include modern automated systems, correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts.  The results for brand owners include high quality, excellent value, fast response for shorter time-to-market, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, supply chain security compliance, and reliability from a team you can trust.

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Protecting Your Investment – Packaging, Shipping, and Handling at Mold Craft

The employees at Mold Craft thrive in the perfection driven culture that is required for making precision molds. They work hard to make their customers happy by delivering the highest quality products on the market and they want to make sure that those high-quality products make it to the customer in perfect condition. For that reason, Mold Craft spends additional time and resources on packaging, shipping, and handling.

At Mold Craft, each mold is treated with the utmost caution and care as if it were a piece of fine jewelry. They want to make sure that each customer’s mold is taken care of throughout the entire design, build, and ship process. Mold Craft uses the same CAD program (SolidWorks) to design their packaging as they do to design their molds. That means that each mold gets its very own custom crate and packaging. Mold Craft’s crates are unique because of their “easy-off” wing nut system. Instead of unscrewing 20-30 sheetrock screws to get to your mold, simply unscrew 2 wing nuts and the crate top lifts right off revealing easy access to all the eyebolt holes, not buried with sidewalls surrounding the mold. This lends itself to a truly unique unboxing experience. When it comes time to ship a mold, the mold gets strapped down in the crate and the crate gets screwed down to a custom pallet to ensure that each mold is transported securely to its destination. Mold Craft Vice President, Justin McPhee, said, “Not only do we take care of our customer’s stuff when it ships to them, but also throughout the entire manufacturing and subcontract processes.”

It is important to note that Mold Craft does not just make custom packaging for when it is sent out to the end user, but rather, Mold Craft makes custom packaging for the mold components for all necessary shipments, including those to another vendor for texture, laser engraving, coatings, sampling or any other service. Mold Craft cares about its customers products as much as its customers do. When making spare parts for molds, Mold Craft makes custom foam inserts that fit into custom wooden cases. The foam is cut with precision, the parts inserted like a 5S tool drawer, a desiccant pack added to absorb moisture and the latches taped shut to ensure that they reach their destination without moving during travel. Customers can also request that their spare parts be shipped in Pelican cases which are made of hard plastic and are sealed air tight so that water can’t get in the box.

When it comes to shipping within the Twin Cities, Mold Craft uses a courier as opposed to a traditional trucking company. They do this to ensure the package is cared for throughout the entire process and minimize the time on a truck. When shipping across the country, Mold Craft generally ships via 2-Day Air Service as opposed to ground to reduce damage from bumps while in the back of a delivery truck for 1,000 miles or more. Molds at Mold Craft truly do get a first-class experience.

Mold Craft puts a lot of effort into making high quality products and they want to make sure that same pride they put into making the mold goes into making sure it gets to its destination in pristine condition. Mold Craft can accommodate any special shipping requirements as needed for local, cross-country or international shipments. When buying from Mold Craft, you can be sure that your mold is being taken care of and protected like a piece of fine jewelry.

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Mold Craft – Reflecting on a Year of Success

This time of year, it is good to take a step back and reflect on all the accomplishments of the past twelve months. Because life can get incredibly busy we don’t get to take enough time celebrating all of the great things that are happening around us.

That is especially true this year at Mold Craft as we have had one of our busiest years yet. Our team managed to ship out 267 projects! To help accomplish that, we added an experienced designer, an experienced milling specialist and an entry level Wire EDM specialist with plans to add even more in the coming year. At the beginning of 2017 we set a goal to build 5 micro molds for the year. With the help of several multi-mold programs and the great work of our sales team we landed 12. Perhaps our biggest move of 2017 was the addition of our new Battenfeld Micro Power 15t injection molding press, which is housed at our newly finished Tech Center. The addition of this machine will allow us to continue to develop our molds and provide the industry with micro mold sampling capabilities as we look forward to more enhancements in the coming year.

At Mold Craft, our co-workers are our family and we are very proud to say that many of us had moments to be thankful for in 2017. We ask a lot of our team and we get back even more than we ask so we love to hear all the positives that our team members have accomplished outside the shop. Some members of the Mold Craft family moved into new homes, some completed major home renovations, and our Mold Craft family even got a little bigger as we welcomed in new babies and grandchildren. For these reasons and so many more, 2017 was a good one for Mold Craft.

Mold Craft also considers itself an integral part of our community. We strive to leave a positive impact to our local, national and business community. That is why we enthusiastically participated in the Gen Z Program, which provided 4 local high school students with week-long hands-on training this past summer. And for the third year we hosted 3 local schools as part of MFG Day to advocate for careers in manufacturing. Of course, it is not just about outreach, sometimes it is just about giving back. We continued to support wounded service members through the program and for the first time this holiday season, Mold Craft collected gifts for Toys for Tots. The support from our team members and our community was top notch as we donated a total of 106 toys this year.

As we continue to reflect and think back on the successes of the year, a major theme sticks out – solidarity. Without everyone working together we could not have achieved so much, or been able to look back so fondly on what was a challenging and fulfilling year. Soon we will look ahead to 2018 and make plans to outdo ourselves. But, before we do that we will all gather to celebrate our successes and each other at our annual Christmas party. It is certain to be a great time.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Mold Craft!

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Westfall Launches; Acquires Fairway Injection Molds, Inc. and Integrity Mold Inc.

New Group Combines Core Competencies to Provide High Performance Plastics Manufacturing Solutions

Walnut, California and Phoenix, Arizona – October 20, 2017 – Fairway Injection Molds, Inc. and Integrity Mold Inc. have been acquired by Westfall Technik, Inc., a newly formed global holding company, which provides highly productive plastics manufacturing solutions to serve the medical, packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik was founded by Brian Jones, who has 30 years of executive experience in the plastics manufacturing industry. Both companies have premier customers and are committed to uncompromising operational excellence and customer service in their fields.

These acquisitions are the first steps in the realization of a vision to build a market-leading group of plastics experts whose combined synergies and integrated network provides optimum engineered solutions throughout the plastics manufacturing process.

Westfall Technik brings the most advanced technology and processes to market by partnering with only the high-performing plastic solution providers. The result is reliable solutions, fast time to market, with excellent value, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, and supply chain security compliance from a team you can trust.

Westfall Technik Expansion Plans

The innovative group of plastics specialists will be successively built up organically and through strategic acquisitions. Westfall Technik is supported by a strong partnership with growth private equity firms Lee Equity Partners and BlackBern Partners, who combined have over $1.8 billion of assets under management. Accordingly, Westfall is in active acquisition discussions with premier tool makers and injection molding operations.

Rahul “Billy” Nand, Partner at Lee Equity said, “We are excited to support Brian and the team as they execute on their vision to create a market leading plastics solutions provider.  We look forward to continuing their long-term track record of success in delivering high performance results through Westfall Technik.”

Jonathan Bernstein, Managing Member at BlackBern Partners added, “It is a great privilege to partner with Lee Equity in sponsoring Brian and his team’s ambitious business plan. It is equally rewarding to have well respected businesses like Fairway and Integrity share in the Westfall vision.”

These prospective new members have complementary core competencies and regional capabilities. They will continue to operate independently and will be linked globally to other world class suppliers.

“We have a no-bureaucracy culture to optimize our customer response time, ensure efficient service, and provide excellent customer satisfaction,” says Brian Jones, Founder of Westfall Technik.

Notes to Editor

The advantages of the Westfall Technik group are many faceted and far reaching. The focus on quality and productivity requires optimization of every stage of manufacturing. It starts with a top quality – high cavitation tool with innovative technology, continues to efficient and reliable automation systems, integrated correlative molding practices and ease of operation. Years of experience and know how combined with international plastics experts ensures not only success today but continuous improvement to stay in the lead. The strength of the group also includes unique barrier and IML technology for a variety of medical and packaging applications like coffee pods and medical disposables.

About Westfall Technik

Westfall Technik, a newly formed global holding company which provides highly productive plastics manufacturing solutions to serve the medical, packaging and consumer goods industries. Westfall Technik’s competitive advantage is its modern technology applied to automated systems and correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts. Westfall Technik brings the most advanced technology and processes through collaboration and flawlessly executes the solutions in well-established world class facilities. The result is a reliable solution with an excellent value from a team you can trust. Westfall Technik’s approach meets brand owners demand in areas such as: high quality and value, a fast response for shorter time to market, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet and beyond, and supply chain security compliance. For more information, please visit

About Lee Equity Partners

Lee Equity Partners is a New York–based private equity firm that partners with successful management teams to build companies with strong growth potential. Lee Equity targets equity investments of $50 to $100 million in middle market control buyouts and growth capital financings in companies with enterprise values of $100 million to $500 million that are located primarily in the United States. The firm invests in a range of industries where the team has deep relationships developed over decades, including financial, healthcare and business services, consumer and media. For more information, please visit

About BlackBern Partners

BlackBern Partners LLC invests in mature operating companies in the lower middle market, partnering with management teams that have a proven track record of success and providing capital to realize organic growth and acquisition opportunities. BlackBern is industry agnostic and focuses on situations where it can see specific opportunities to add value. A flexible mandate allows BlackBern to tailor investments for companies with a wide range of capital needs. For more information, please visit

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For Westfall Technik:
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Westfall Technik, Inc.

For Lee Equity Partners:
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Tim Bartz & iWarriors – Supporting Wounded Veterans

Tim Bartz is well known in the mold making industry as the co-owner of Mold Craft, but many may not know that he is also the co-founder of a non-profit organization that is very close to his heart. Tim Bartz, along with his wife Kim, co-founded a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization called iWarriors. Since its inception iWarriors has raised nearly $375,000 for severely injured warriors to support them through their recovery.

Tim and Kim started iWarriors in 2011 after they got an opportunity to support the 3rd Battalion 5th Marines which is one of the most highly decorated Regiments in the USMC and is commonly referred to as “The Fighting Fifth.” After their 2010 tour of duty in Afghanistan many of the marines sustained injuries and returned home as single, double or triple amputees. One of the battalion member’s fathers happened to be an industry colleague of Tim Bartz. Upon returning from Afghanistan, this young man asked his father if there was a way he could help his injured buddies while they were receiving treatment, which prompted a call for donations.

Tim and Kim answered the call and went on to raise over $10,000 to provide care packages for the wounded soldiers. They decided to gift iPads to help the wounded soldiers stay in touch with loved ones and entertain themselves with movies and music while they underwent months of surgery, rehabilitation, and recovery. They then personally delivered the care packages to Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego, CA where the Sailors and Marines were undergoing treatment. Moved by their experience, as soon as Tim and Kim returned home, they started the non-profit organization and the rest is history.

Tim and Kim have broadened the call to action and have reached out to business colleagues of their own in the hopes of providing more care packages to our wounded warriors. Christina Fuges, a colleague of Tim Bartz and the Editorial Director of MoldMaking Technology said, “The men and women of this mold making community never cease to amaze me with their care and generosity. It’s contagious. I personally believe in their mission so much that my family continues to donate to iWarriors.” Christina has supported iWarriors for many years not only by donating, but by promoting the charity organization in MoldMaking Technology magazine.

Since 2011, iWarriors has been raising funds through 5k runs, golf tournaments, the iSledders snowmobile event, and many more. More than 98% of the $375,000 that has been raised has gone towards paying for nearly 600 iPad gift packages. The iPad gift packages include a personally engraved iPad, an Otterbox Defender Series protective case, headphones, and an iTunes gift card for apps, movies, etc. Sargent Charles Caswell of the U.S. Army said “I am completely blown away, I never expected to find all the extras inside the box and the inscription on the back of the iPad had me choked up. Thank you so very much. I never expected anything like this I am truly thankful very for everything.”

Tim and Kim Bartz are passionate about supporting our wounded warriors and they will continue to raise money and support them through their recovery via iWarriors. They are so thankful to share this passionate and support through partnership with the AMBA. Kym Conis, managing director of the AMBA, has described iWarriors as, “an extremely valuable tool to wounded members of our US Armed Forces.” If you or your organization are interested in learning more about iWarriors, hosting an event or donating to help the cause, please go to Every dollar donated goes towards helping our wounded service members.

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MFG Day 2017: The Future of Mold Craft

October is an exciting time for Mold Craft. Fall has begun, it is the start of the fiscal year, school is back in session, and we are host to one of the thousands of Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) events around the country. MFG Day was founded by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International in 2012 to dispel the misconceptions around careers in the manufacturing industry. On the first Friday of October, North American manufacturers open their doors to local schools, career guidance counselors, the community and anyone interested in learning about modern manufacturing. This year there was so much interest from local schools that Mold Craft held the event over multiple days. Between October 6th, 2017 and October 12th, 2017, Mold Craft hosted 72 students and 5 faculty career counselors, teachers and administrators from 3 local high schools.

Everyone at Mold Craft plays an important role in welcoming the MFG Day attendees and truly showing the great work environment at Mold Craft. Each group is first welcomed by Mold Craft’s owners, Tim Bartz and Justin McPhee, before being split into smaller groups and taken on an in-depth tour of the facilities where they are encouraged to engage and ask questions. Jeremy Kerg, the College and Career Pathway Coordinator from White Bear Lake High School liked the format and said, “I thought it was really great to break the kids into smaller groups and you gave them a lot of time to ask questions. The kids picked up on the enthusiasm that all your employees showed on the tour. You really catch the vibe that people are proud of the work they do at Mold Craft.” This pride and enthusiasm was evident as each respective group was led through a manufacturing department by one of Mold Craft’s senior team members who, in addition to explaining the expertise required of their area, also shared how and why they chose a career in manufacturing.

During the presentation, groups were led through six stations; Design & Engineering, (Computer Numeric Controlled) CNC Steel Milling, CNC Electrode Milling and Sinker EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), Wire EDM, Career Path Planning and a final presentation at the Technology Center demonstrating the latest technology in micro injection molding. At each station, the local students and faculty were shown that manufacturing is not the dark, dingy, low skilled career that many still believe, but rather that it is a high-tech, well-paying field that allows skilled workers to use some of the latest technology to create essential items for everyday life.

With an estimated 80% of manufacturers having trouble finding the skilled workers they need; this event allows Mold Craft to create relationships and find the next generation of mold makers. To that end the event was a great success. Bryan Farmer, the College in the Schools (CIS) Physics and Engineering Teacher from Mahtomedi High School said, “The kids were very impressed with the tour yesterday, I heard comments like: ‘Pretty cool and amazing’, ’I want to work there now’, ’It was cool to see bigger and better versions of machines we use at school’.” These students were presented with a new perspective and more options for their futures than what they may have thought possible and whether they end up at Mold Craft or find success somewhere else in the manufacturing sector, we know we have had a positive impact on our community.

We truly appreciate the great interest that we receive from the schools and members of our community on MFG Day and throughout the year. For more information on MFG Day, visit MFG Day or contact to schedule a shop tour. MFG Day happens once a year but we are always willing to open our doors for those interested in the manufacturing industry.

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Wittmann Battenfeld and Mold Craft are TIGHT! (+/- .0001”)

Wittmann Battenfeld and Mold Craft, through a common set of customers, have formed a strong relationship in recent years based on similar core values and commitment to providing a high-quality product. You could say they are “tight,” because of their mutual commitment to perfection. Mold Craft’s expertise is in precision micro mold building with tight tolerances. In fact, Mold Craft’s mantra is, “Our Molds Aren’t Quite Perfect. They’re +/- .0001”.”  Mold Craft builds micro molds specifically engineered to utilize the purpose-built machines manufactured by Wittmann Battenfeld. Both companies strive to meet the rapidly growing demand for small, tight-tolerance, extremely high-quality medical components.  This partnership helps their customers combine high-quality micro molds with precision injection molding machines to produce finished parts with some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Mold Craft and Wittmann Battenfeld partnered up to present micro-molding at the most recent Amerimold conference, showcasing Mold Craft molds in Wittmann Battenfeld’s press. During the show, Wittmann Battenfeld ran their MicroPower 15t IMM using one of Mold Craft’s micro molds. Shortly after the conference, the MicroPower 15t was delivered to Mold Craft and placed in their newly renovated Tech Center.

Mold Craft will be utilizing their new machine to provide micro mold sampling. In addition to a mechanical sample, the press will develop a production molding process during micro mold sampling. This will help Mold Craft provide much more information to clients, which will cut down on validation time and expense.

Mold Craft initiates the micro mold project process with their Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, where they design the mold so that it can be successfully manufactured. With the Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower 15t now in-house, Mold Craft has the ability to sample a customer’s micro mold on site, which will continue to improve customer project timelines, ensure mold functionality and reduce the need for coordinating with outside vendors. This is just another step in the evolution of Mold Craft’s dedication to providing their customers with the highest quality product possible.

This relationship is also beneficial for Wittmann Battenfeld. Wittmann Battenfeld is able to showcase its remarkable, state-of-the-art precision presses that maintain optimized energy and cost efficiency even in tight tolerances. When combined with Mold Craft’s tight tolerance micro molds, these IMMs can really maximize their versatility and demonstrate their ability to outpace and outperform other molding machine manufacturers.

Stay tuned as Wittmann Battenfeld and Mold Craft’s relationship grows. Make sure to look for them both at the upcoming NPE2018 Conference in Orlando, Florida from May 7th – 11th, 2018.  Both companies are exhibiting in the West Hall; Wittmann Battenfeld will be at booth W3742, and Mold Craft, Inc. will be at booth W4207, where they will once again be showcasing a Wittmann Battenfeld MicroPower press featuring a rotary platen, EOAT and robot with camera and Mold Craft micro mold producing precision 100µ filter screen 2 cavity 3 plate micro mold with one “A” side and 2 “B” sides featuring .004” x .004” shut offs and .002” radii making POK parts weighing .007 grams.

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